Roadsigns On the Spiritual Path

Living at the Heart of ParadoxRoadsigns_pbk-330-exp

An indispensable book for anyone on a spiritual path, whether within a mainstream tradition or a journey of one’s own. The book recognizes that everyone’s path is unique, and that while the road is filled with glory and bliss, it also contains ambiguous turns and contradictory directions as well as roadblocks, dead-ends and potholes. Based upon 3 decades of personal experience and years of research, this book provides the road signs every soul searcher needs. It leads to the best kind of guidance you can have: your own answers based on your own reflection and your own unique needs.

Goldberg’s travel tips, drawn from a wealth of experience and insight, are as practical as they are wise.Deepak Chopra

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Praise for Roadsigns On the Spiritual Path

“Whether you are on a quest by yourself or part of a religious community, the material here will prove to be illuminating.  Each chapter has a wonderful section called ‘Travel Tips’ with exercises, action steps, questions to ask, and a statement, parable or passage to contemplate.  It is this kind of wisdom that makes this book such a worthwhile addition to the field of spiritual questing.”  – Spirituality & Health magazine

This is one of the wisest books to appear in recent years about the perils and promises that are routinely encountered by all spiritual seekers.  At a time in history when people are desperately grasping for security and certainty, Roadsigns is an invaluable contribution from a very wise spiritual teacher.  Beautifully written and compellingly insightful, Roadsignsdeserves to become a classic in the spiritual literature of our day.”  – Larry Dossey, The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things

Phil Goldberg offers us a deeply wise and practical vision of the spiritual journey that, drawing on the metaphors of travel, guides us through the paradoxes of inner experience we all encounter.  This is a wonderfully useful book.– Brother Wayne Teasdale, The Mystic Heart

“The search for spiritual happiness is not a straightforward road.  Along the way, people have to make choices and compromises and do some serious self-analysis to figure out what they want.  Readers interested in spiritual searches will find it appealing.”Publishers Weekly

“If you fell lost on the journey toward a more fulfilling spiritual life, Roadsigns will be your treasure map.  Filled with practical advice, invaluable wisdom, and the experience of a seasoned traveler, you’re sure to find your own unique path to spiritual happiness.” – Cheryl Richardson, Take Time for Your Life

“A wonderful book to guide you along the spiritual path.” Judith Orloff, MD, Second Sight

Roadsigns is an indispensable guide to spiritual maturity.  Regardless of the path you’re on, you’ll find it remarkably helpful at every crossroad and turning point.” Marci Shimoff,Happy for no Reason

“The spiritual path is less a highway than it is a rugged trail.  You need a guide who can not only read the signs but teach you to do the same.  This is the role Phil Goldberg plays in his masterful Roadsigns.  Read the book, learn the signs, and walk the path.  You won’t be sorry.” Rami Shapiro, Perennial Wisdom for the Spiritually Independent

“This is a book of real value for seekers, that will go a long way toward resolving their perplexity in the face of many problems and paradoxes. If I were going to re-title it, I would call it ‘Everything I Wish I Had Known About Traveling the Spiritual Path 30 Years Ago.’  I could have saved myself a lot of wear and tear. Goldberg is like a wise uncle who, with a funny story and a couple of potent aphorisms, who will help you get it straight.” Dean Sluyter, Natural Meditation and The Zen Commandments

“A classic spiritual guidebook for the bumps along the way.  Highly recommended.” Larry Payne, Yoga for Dummies and Yoga Rx

“A hands-on source of encouragement and guidance for traveling the spiritual path.  The insights it contains are clear, helpful and trustworthy.” James Finley, Christian Meditationand The Contemplative Heart

Roadsigns is a wise and practical guide for anyone trying to find a way through the maze of spiritual pathways to what is truly meaningful and rewarding.” Frances Vaughan, Ph.D.,Shadows of the Sacred

“Roadsigns is a wonderfully balanced and sane discussion of crucial issues that practitioners face on a spiritual path.” Roger Walsh, MD, Ph.D., Paths Beyond Ego and Essential Spirituality

 “A very fine piece of work that will be very helpful to many people.  Excuse me for saying so, but there is a lot of crap out there these days, and this book looks to be a rare and genuine.” Thomas Ashley-Farrand, Healing Mantras

“Roadsigns is a very useful guide for those seeking direction on the spiritual path.  I would have been happy to be its publisher, but I’m even happier to be its reader.”  – Jeremy Tarcher, publisher

“Prolific and wise author Phil Goldberg gets to the heart of the matter after a lifetime of meditating and writing: spiritual wisdom lies in paradoxes…. It’s clear that, from the compassion and the humor of his voice in Roadsigns, Phil is a guide for pilgrims on the way, a wise companion whose own journey informs this book.” Connie Zweig, Ph.D., The Holy Longing and Romancing the Shadow

 “I use Roadsigns as a required textbook for a core course on integral yoga and philosophy.  It is a brilliant, rare and successful attempt to outline four major paradoxes that anyone sincere in his or her spiritual practice would face sooner or later on the path.” Bahman Shirazi, Ph.D., Director of Graduate Studies, California Institute of Integral Studies