American Veda Tour Testimonials

Wide variety of spiritual experiences

The trip to North India was more than I dreamed it would be. Because of our guides, we had incredible opportunities to see and do things that many tourists are unlikely to experience. The best part has been bringing the many memories and messages of India home and incorporating them into my daily life – and it’s surprising in how many ways that’s possible!
~ P.S. Phoenix AZ

Fulfilled all that was advertised

Our American Veda Tour of Northern India was the trip of a lifetime. Phil Goldberg’s connections got us behind the scenes everywhere we went – from Babaji’s Cave in the Himalayan foothills to one of the oldest and holiest shrines in Varanasi. The tour was beautifully crafted from early planning through final execution; every day took us deeper into the mysteries of India and our own spiritual natures. I can’t recommend this trip highly enough for anyone looking for an immersion in the holiness of India.
~ D.A. Portland OR

Memorable trip of a lifetime

Phil, Karen and Swami Brahmananda worked incessantly to make it a rich, deep, meaningful, fun, interesting, reasonably comfortable trip. Rao was ever informed and there for us, whatever that meant in the moment. The people we got to meet were consistently the sweetest folks I’ve ever met. My heart kept breaking open feeling the presence of the Divine in all of you.
~ J.F. Arcadia CA


This tour was everything promised by Karen and Phil, and I received much beyond their itinerary spiritually and emotionally. I would not say that it was all “a breeze,” because there were high and low points and everything in between. But, hey, if all were perfect then how could I have grown from the experience!? Take their next journey. You will not forget it.
~ L.S. Portland OR

Never to be duplicated
So many opportunities that I can only image a typical tourist does not get to experience

I have taken more than one North India tour previously, where lndia’s spectrum of religions and their traditions, rituals, histories, and political ramifications of the Raj were the focus of lecture after lecture by very well educated guides.

The A.V. tour was very juicy in contrast. Using something other than the same private, air conditioned car each day makes one feel more vulnerable, and actually more a part of the social fabric. Making the occasional arrangement for food or shopping for oneself is so much more interesting than any first class palanquin.

AND I gained a better understanding and appreciation of the living Indian roots of American Vedic and “spiritual” practices, which greatly tempered my cynicism about the American versions in the process!
~ L.B. Arcadia CA

I loved it. I feel honored to have been welcome with such love.